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Aerobatic Team

Mark Jefferies, Tom Cassells, Chris Burkett, Steve Carver, Michael Pickin all British Champions, together they form the Global Stars aerobatic team – Formation & Solo Displays.

The Global Stars team provide spectacular formation air displays or solo air displays. The team have flown many flying displays and air shows around the World in recent years. Typically the Global Stars team lead by Mark Jefferies perform 3 International shows per year. Tom flying as formation leader of the Global Stars. The team have flown Bahrain, Hyderabad and Ahmadabad in 2016.

Mark is flying the new EXTRA 330SC; Tom flies the Extra 300L or CAP 232, Michael Pickin flying the CAP 232, Steve the Extra 260 and reserver pilot Chris Burkett in Extra 300S will put on a stunning, world-class air display. Mark Jefferies has achieved great success and worldwide recognition as one of the most accomplished aviators in the UK; including 1st in Zhengzhou 2015 WAM, 3rd in the 2011 WAM, ranked 8th in the World in 2007 and 10th in the World 2009. Nine times British aerobatic champion (Advanced & Unlimited). Mark Jefferies has spectacular manoeuvres, tumbles and spins in the Extra 330SC leaving pilots and spectators alike saying “how did he do that?”

International shows in the last few years have been:- Al Ain UAE, Avalon Australia, Twice in Ahmadabad India, Bahrain, Sanicole Belgium, Dazu + Zhuhai + Zhengzhou China, Dubai, Finland, Twice in Hyderabad India, Iceland, New Zealand, Malta, Maribor Slovinia, Romania, Roskilde Denmark, Volkel Holland, Wanaka New Zealand.